Marshside School Council

  • Do you want to make Marshside a better place for us all?
  • Have you got an idea that would benefit the children in our school?
  • Have you thought of a way our school could help others?

If yes, then our school council needs to hear from you!

Who are the Marshside School Councillors?

Year 6: Izzy & Josh E

Year 5: Mikey & Inga

Year 4: Tallyn & Sophie

Year 3: Leon & Michaela

Year 2: Jasmine & Jack


Our Reception and Year 1 children are represented by our Year 5 & 6 councillors.

Our School Council Aims:

  • To be a voice for the children of Marshside Primary School;
  • To suggest ideas which will promote improvements throughout the school and its wider environment;
  • To provide a link between the school and the local community.
A quote from the pupils

“Everyone really enjoys being on the School Council, we think it is fantastic. The School Council has, to date, many achievements. We have changed the school tuck shop, created a friendship sign for the playground and designed our own litter bins. We have been involved in lots of activities and initiatives in school and have even contributed to the school improvement plan.

We meet regularly to discuss issues and we are able to report to Governors and the school community through meetings, assemblies and newsletters. A record is kept in the ‘jam packed’ School Council file, along with photographs, competition entries and records of achievement.

Marshside’s School Council is definitely the best ever!”

Our Next School Council Event 

Love My Community 2017

Odd Shoes for Queenscourt

Our school is part of the Southport Learning Partnership where we work together with other schools on joint projects.

Many of you will remember that Southport Schools joined together in 2016 to collect for the local foodbank with astonishing success – Thank you. This year, The Southport Learning Partnership are hoping to repeat this success on Friday February 10th, with a second ‘Love my Community’ event called ‘Odd Shoes for Queenscourt’. The idea for this event came from school council pupils and we all thought it was fantastic!

Children will be asked to wear odd socks & shoes for the day and donate £1 for the local hospice. We hope that every child in Southport will take part in this event and that together we can raise several thousand pounds for this great local cause. The shoes obviously need to be safe (no Heelys, open toed sandals or high heels) and we would like the children to wear their normal uniform with their odd shoes.

Many thanks for your help with this appeal and we hope together we can all make a huge demonstration that we Love our Community!


Miss Sawyer & Marshside Primary School Council