At Marshside Primary School we aim to enrich and broaden the curriculum wherever we can, offering a variety of experiences to generate excitement about learning. Children have educational visits, specialist visitors in school and enrichment workshop days – all of which help make school even more enjoyable and interesting.

Our curriculum has been designed to incorporate the new National Curriculum, and is based on a set of principles, which lies at the heart of our school’s
 philosophy and approach:

Children are entitled to a broad, balanced, relevant, coherent, progressive and differentiated curriculum;
At all stages of a child’s development learning should be stimulating, enjoyable and a worthwhile experience in its own right; Equality of access and equality of opportunity should underpin provision for all pupils regardless of sex, race, religious belief, cultural background or disability.

Following the changes to the new national curriculum we have updated our approach to teaching and learning at Marshside.

The new national curriculum has a skills based approach to learning and we have identified the expected skills coverage within Reception,1,2, 3 /4 (Lower key stage 2) and 5/6 (Upper key stage 2) year groups.

Below is our Whole School Curriculum Overview – identifying broad coverage across the year groups. Across key stage 2, specifically years 3/4 and 5/6, there is considerable overlap in the new national curriculum allowing for reinforcement and development of skills and thus allowing for successful coverage in our parallel classes.

As the new national curriculum is skills driven, the topic chosen can therefore vary, year to year, dependent of teacher expertise and class interests. Following the Whole School Curriculum Overview are the topic titles for each class for the following year.

At Marshside Primary School we believe that working together will enable our children to become successful learners, to know and understand that they are valued and to prepare them for life in the local and world wide community.

If you have any further questions please do come in and ask:

Mrs Yarwood – Curriculum Leader.

September 2015

Whole School Curriculum Map

Follow this link to the Dfe website for details of the English curriculum at Key stage 1 and 2: English

Follow this link to the Dfe website for details of the Mathematics curriculum at Key stage 1 and 2: Maths

The National Association of Headteachers have produced an information sheet identifying ways in which you can help support your child’s learning. Please click on the link below:

 Giving your child a helping hand.