Here is our prospectus.  Prospectus 2014 2015

Marshside is a small and successful Primary School serving the Marshside area and its wider community. We pride ourselves on the care and support we offer to all our children and their families. We know our pupils very well and value each individual for the qualities, skills and attributes they bring to our school. We believe in the principle that learning should be enjoyable and that children flourish and develop in an environment which provides care and promotes wellbeing. Every child is unique and is given the opportunity to develop secure relationships whereby they can grow and develop at their own pace and with enjoyment.

Our staff are committed to providing the best education for all our children. We aim to provide a broad, rich and creative curriculum within a supportive learning environment. Children’s wellbeing and good health is central to our work and it is important to us that, above all, children enjoy their learning and experiences at Marshside.

Children independently raise money for the many charities the school supports. They raise funds by devising their own competitions, bring and buy sales and other exciting activities! The school won the Rotary Club’s Service Above Self Award in 2008 and we were Highly Commended in both 2009 and 2010.

‘I like the way that we look after each other’

Mission Statement

Marshside is a partnership of pupils, parents, staff and Governors.

Together we aim to:

  • Create a happy and secure community in which children can thrive and grow in confidence.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which helps all children fulfil their potential.
  • Teach children to respect both themselves and others and to care for their environment.

Our School Motto…
‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself’.

Teaching and Learning

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to our children and their individual needs. Children will receive the right amount of support to ensure they progress at a pace which takes into account their individual needs. Parents are kept informed through parents’ evenings and reports home. Teachers are aware of children’s strengths and areas for development and adapt accordingly.
We have high expectations of all of our children. We celebrate their achievements and give pupils opportunities to achieve at all levels. Our children consistently achieve high academic standards in National Tests.

Children are consistently rewarded and their success is celebrated through the school newsletter, stickers, good news notes home and ‘Golden Pupil’ awards.

Children take part in visits in all classes and have the opportunity to take part in extended visits in Years 5 and 6. Recent trips include Formby Nature Reserve, The Tate Gallery, Blackpool Sea Life Centre, Knowsley Safari Park, Manchester Science Museum, Crosby Hall Educational Trust,  and the Eco Centre.

Children are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities. We offer a wide range of clubs – Judo, football, Netball, Speed-stacking, Computer, Active Kids, Chess, Fencing and Gardening to name but a few!

Every Child Matters

The ‘Every Child Matters’ message is important to us and is an integral part of everything we do. We have high expectations of all our children to achieve and do their best whilst staying safe, being healthy (both physically and emotionally) and most important of all, enjoying their time at Primary School.

Personal development and wellbeing …

We are committed to ensuring all children feel secure in school and that their social and emotional needs are met. Children are encouraged to develop independence and confidence from a base of the secure relationships they form at home and school. Children learn to respect each other and gain reassurance from the relationships they build with adults and other children.

Children are encouraged to actively participate in the care and guidance of others. Pupils take part in many activities designed to encourage peer support. Circle time, buddy systems, structured lunchtime play and the playground friendship stop are just some of the initiatives we use.

‘There are lots of fun activities at Marshside. Teachers are nice and friendly and I enjoy learning here.’
…Callum  (pupil)

The Pupil Voice

The pupil voice is important. Children contribute to school planning and improvement and we work together to ensure the health and wellbeing of members of the school community.

The School Council …

Everyone really enjoys being on the School Council, we think it is fantastic. The School Council has, to date, many achievements. We have changed the school tuck shop, created a friendship sign for the playground and designed our own litter bins. We have been involved in lots of activities and initiatives in school and have even contributed to the school improvement plan.

We meet regularly to discuss issues. The Headteacher attends some of these meetings and we are able to report to Governors and the school community through meetings, assemblies and newsletters. A record is kept in the School Council file, along with photographs, competition entries and records of achievement.

Marshside’s School Council is definitely the best ever!

The Eco Committee …

The school Eco Committee meets regularly to discuss issues relating to our school, its local environment and the wider community. Children contribute to planning events and regularly publicise their work through newsletters and assemblies.

We take part in many activities including recycling, taking care of our school grounds and learning to care for the wildlife in our local environment.

‘We love this school because all our friends are here. We look after the environment, recycle, pick up litter, look after wildlife and much, much more!’
rlotte and Rebecca ,  (Pupils)

School Travel Plan Committee …

The School Travel Action Group (STAG) work with the school community, Local Authority and Merseyside Travelwise. STAG meet half termly and pupils take an active part of all discussions. They are full of good ideas! The team devise initiatives to promote the school Travel Plan. We hold regular walk to school days and have recently acquired new bicycle racks and a parents’ waiting shelter (funded through the Travel Plan initiative). One of our pupils designed ‘Sparky’, our Travel Plan mascot. He is used regularly for promoting our work at the school gate.

walking bus 13


We encourage parents to take an active part in all aspects of school life. Parents are always welcome to discuss aspects of schooling with members of staff and we welcome parents and other members of the school community into school to work alongside class teachers.

The ‘Friends of Marshside’ Association work hard to raise funds for the school and contribute to many projects. They run activities and events for children and we always welcome new parents and friends to join in.
Other members of the school’s community are welcomed. We have links with local nursing homes, whose residents visit to watch school productions and we distribute harvest baskets to members of our immediate locality. Our school’s ‘minis’ group meet on Wednesday afternoons and parents are welcome to bring their pre school children along. Parent assemblies take place for each class twice per academic year.

What we like about our school …

 ‘This school is great because we have sports teams and everyone gets on well with each other.’

…Joshua (Pupil)

‘I like this school because we are always doing competitions for charity.’

‘I like Marshside because it is a small school and everyone is really kind and friendly.’

‘Our school is incredible. I get to learn about lots of different things.’
…Heather , age 6 (Pupil)

‘Older children look after the younger children. All he children in Year 6 know all the children in Reception. That’s really nice!’

‘I enjoy reading books and listening to stories.’
…Emily , age 6 (Pupil)

‘Marshside is wonderful because we do lots of fun things.’
…Cameron , age 6 (Pupil)

‘Marshside is a utopia!’
…Isaac,  (Pupil)

‘Everyone has lots of friends. It is a fantastic school.’