Our school Governors. 

  • Chair Mr Andrew Neil Brown
  • Vice Chair Parent Governor – Mrs Colette Mary Vaianella
  • Parent RepresentativeMr Andrew Neil Brown (Child Y2)
  • Parent RepresentativeMs Claire Bevington (Y2 child)
  • Parent RepresentativeMrs Valerie Sheard (Y5 child)
  • Parent Representative  – Vacancy
  • Co-opted Governor  Mrs Colette Mary Vaianella
  • Co-opted Governor – Mr. Derek John. Aitken
  • Co-opted Governor – Mrs Wendy Cheetham
  • Local authority Governor – Vacancy
  • Teacher Representative – Vacancy
  • Headteacher Mrs Katharine Louise Hall


Full Governing Body 13/09 7.11     Personal development, behaviour and welfare 4.10      
Derek Aitken Ap     Derek Aitken Ap      
Andy Brown     Wendy Cheetham      
Kath Hall (Head)     Kath Hall      
Lesley Jenkins X X X Colette Vaianella (Chair)      
Sue McGuire X X X          
Val Sheard              
Lynda McKenna Ob Ob              
Colette Vaianella              
Wendy Cheetham X     Safe and well 11/10      
Linda Heap X Ob     Andy Brown      
          Kath Hall      
          Val Sheard      
COMMITTEES         Colette Vaianella      
Academic Outcomes 26/09                
Derek Aitken (Vice) ✔ a                
Andy Brown (Chair)                        
Wendy Cheetham       Resources 11/10      
Kath Hall       Andy Brown      
Lynda McKenna Ob       Kath Hall      
          Val Sheard      
          Colette Vaianella      
          Dianne DeCosta FO      

A = Absent            Ap = Apologies given        Ob = Observer       FO – Finance officer

S McGuire and L Jenkins Resigned from 13.09.17     

There is a full governors meeting every term. Should you have any items you wish to be discussed at a governors meeting, then please speak with your parent representatives. Alternatively address items in writing to the Chair of Governors, Mr. A. Brown at Marshside Primary School.

Marshside Governors’ Attendance 16 – 17

Please click on the link below for detailed information about the Governing Body.

Annual governance statement 2015 – 2016