At Marshside Primary School we aim to enrich and broaden the curriculum wherever we can, offering a variety of experiences to generate excitement about learning. Children have educational visits, specialist visitors in school and enrichment workshop days – all of which help make school even more enjoyable and interesting.


An inclusive cultureReflective feedbackPersonal best and high standardsHealthy minds and bodies
Every pupil is entitled to and will receive the support and challenge that will enable them to thrive. Every adult will value the individual and recognise personal strengths.We use learning objectives (L.O./WALT) to focus our lessons. Pupils are taught to self-evaluate their success in age appropriate ways and recognise the personal responsibility they have for securing concepts and skills.Everyone will model high standards of personal and professional behaviour and skill at all times. It is expected that everyone will work hard and to the best of their ability.We make time to learn about ourselves – how we can respect ourselves and others.


At the heart of the taught curriculum are the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Our curriculum is a blend of thematic approaches, which are knowledge-rich, teacher-led and mastery-driven.  The starting point is excellent quality literature to link the English learning with a specific science, history or geography focus.

Meaningful links are made that add value, and discrete subject specific work taught as ‘stand-alone’ units of learning. All ‘units’ of learning will have an entry based ‘lead question’ and ‘purpose’ for study. Where possible, learning will be ‘first hand’ and supported by field study, visits, role-play and practical resources. Learning progression of knowledge, skills and understanding is carefully mapped (this can be seen on our ‘Year Group Overviews’). Additional foundation subjects are fed through the theme or taught discretely using the National Curriculum objectives as laid out in the Focus Education- Weaving Knowledge Skills and Understanding document. Supporting documents also include the Sefton Agreed Syllabus (R.E.), PHSE association planning document, Charanga (music) and the Real P.E. scheme.

The curriculum is continually monitored, evaluated and adapted where necessary.

At Marshside Primary School we believe that working together will enable our children to become successful learners, to know and understand that they are valued and to prepare them for life in the local and world wide community.

We follow the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme in KS1.

The Early years and KS1 phonics scheme we follow is Letters and Sounds. We supplement this with Phonics Play and Jolly Phonics.

If you have any further questions please do come in and ask:
Mrs Yarwood – Curriculum Leader