Latest Ofsted Report

12th February 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find attached the final Ofsted report. Although the overall judgement is now requires improvement, the inspectors recognised many positive aspects of our school. This inspection framework and the format of inspection reports were changed in September 2019 and reports to parents are now much shorter. Consequently, we felt it would be helpful to share the additional verbal information we received during the inspection, which unfortunately could not be included in the final report.

They commended us on how well planned our school improvement process is and the strength of the work undertaken by all staff, so pupils have access to a broad and rich curriculum which demonstrates ambition for all. Whilst we are pleased that our drive to improve was recognised, we are disappointed that simply due to the timing of this inspection the impact of these changes could not be fully measured.

What came across strongly from the lead inspector, was the recognition of the quality of actions we have taken through school improvement in the past 12 months. She acknowledged that the timing of the new inspection framework, along with the Department for Education’s expectation for schools to implement and demonstrate a new curriculum to a required standard, did not allow for the impact of our continuous efforts to be measured fairly. She felt confident that had we been inspected in just 3 months’ time, the overall judgement would have been more positive.

It was recognised that the progress of children at Marshside based on the end of key stage 2 statutory assessments has been good for several years. This measures their progress from their starting points. Whilst attainment last year was below national, this is not typical of our school and was affected by the nature of the small class. However, their national progress measure demonstrates that the school is in line with national expectations.

The areas identified for development are things that we are already aware of. The lead inspector credited the school for the quality of work that has already begun.

You will recall the launching of our new curriculum in September. The intent of this was praised as it demonstrates it is ambitious for children, parents and staff in equal measure. The strength of the achievements in personal development, safeguarding, early years and behaviour and attitudes further shows that the strategy set by all leaders across the school is effectively structured, relevant and well planned.

As stated in the report, Marshside is a friendly and welcoming school, with proud, well behaved and confident pupils, who enjoy learning.

As you would expect we are continuing to press ahead with our school improvement plan to further embed the new curriculum, to enhance children’s knowledge and skills, and to develop further the leadership skills of our new subject leaders.

We would ask for your continued support with this and hope this summary has been helpful and informative.

Yours sincerely

Mr A. Brown – Chair of Governors

Mrs K. Hall – Headteacher