Marshside’s Got Talent

A page to celebrate the talents of our children in and out of school.

A Southport junior girls team are proving they’re made of strong bonds after winning the majority of their opening games this season – our very own Kara is part of this amazing team. Well done to her and the rest of the girls!

Layton – Y4 – Taekwondo

Layton started 4 years ago and completed the dragon syllabus, getting his dragon blackbelt aged 5. This allowed him to start the national taekwondo programme early (usually 7). Layton is now a 2nd Kup (red belt). He must now spend a minimum of six months training before being eligible to be assessed for grading for his next goal which is 1st Kup (black tag), then black belt. His goal is to be a black belt before leaving Marshside.

Taekwondo teaches kicks, strikes and blocks; patterns (poomsae) and self defence and some Korean terminology. Layton is also aware he is to use his skills outside of the dojang for self defence purposes only.

5 tenets of taekwondo Layton must follow:

  • courtesy
  • integrity
  • perseverence
  • self-control
  • indomitable spirit

We have some very talented authors in school. Alicia in Year 6 has written a series of adventure stories inspired by Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Marissa, Chloe and Hallie are not only skilled at writing, but were brave enough to share their work with the rest of the school during a Teams assembly this week, adding ‘broadcaster’ to their skillset –  well done girls!